marilyn Manson

~New News~

I have a girlfriend...(cricket cricket.) No really, I have a girl friend. Yeah, Im gay and No, I don't expect any of you to understand this, but REALLY, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Ariel, she lives in German Valley (about 15 minutes away). See, I may be gay but there are 0nly two girls I'd ever date. Ariel and Karen. Now, no offense to the rest of the world but, the rest of the girls could just die for all I care, except for my friends that are girls because there is no chance in hell that I would ever date anyone else. It's been that way for a while. So I wouldn't exactly consider myself BI.
marilyn Manson

.-It's a cold, cold day-.

I need to find a job. Im moving out of this town at the end of the year. Not sure where I'm going, but I know i'm getting as far away from here as possible. I have 800 dollars saved in the bank, which isn't much but it's pretty good considering I saved it all up myself. I don't care where I go, or who I am with at the time, just as long as they make me feel happy and Im not here.

Anyway, It is so cold inside of this school, I don't believe that they even have the heater on. It wouldn't suprise me if they hadn't. Anyway, Im going to Mikes again after school and that should be pretty fun! I would imagine. But He's not going to be there for like 2 hours. Him and Ashley are going to go to a musical, (woo-hoo) *sarcasm* and I'll be left to watch the house again. Oh, well

That's all for today, I think! I love all of You Who Care!
marilyn Manson

***~Snow Finally Came~***

So the snow started to fall yesterday morning and It nearly hasn't stopped since It has started. It's not really sticking but, it is still very beautiful wile it is falling. I had to walk to Mike's house from my house,(yesterday) only about 3 blocks away but the wind was blowing very hard, and the snow fell down even harder. But It was fun, even though I was freezing my ball-sacks off by the time I reached the apartment.
I Love our little RUN-DOWN town in the winter, when the snow covers everything.-I may even miss it when I go away.

My friend Chelsea Alverado gave me a Clove to smoke today. I can't wait to go home and smoke it. It's nothing illegal, if your wondering what Cloves' are. They are REALLY Expensive, Strong, and Rich Cigarettes. I feel special getting to smoke one. I swear, they are like a delicicy here in America. Anyway, I created a VF account,(Vampire Freaks.) If you belong to VF, you should check me out, My name is SexyLilGayBoy_88 and I have about 4-5 pictures of me on there. They are pretty cute too.
>Well, that's about it for today! Luv, Gavin~
marilyn Manson

!-Merry Winter-!

So it's almost the winter season, and the forecast is calling for snow tonight and tomarrow. Im happy. For some stupid reason I LOVE snow! I don't like the cold much, but the snow is pretty and I like to walk around at night while it's snowing. It makes it even more special when you come home and have someone to cuddle with. I know that right now, Im single but I have 40 days until Christmas to find a cuddle buddy. Im sure I will find someone. Even if I don't Im sure I have plenty of friends that I can cuddle with.

I've decided to stop deleting any of my entry's that I have been writing. Im not being honest with myself when I delete what has happened in the past. I think that since I've refreshed my page and adjusted my mood a little, I'll be back to normal.